Our Firm is all the time looking for new, up-to-date solutions, in collaboration with our customers, in order to be the most competitive in our field.

This was the purpose of this system, made of a man-like robot with a built-in camera which is able, through an electronic card, to recognize the type and orientation of the piece to machinethe robot thus works just like a human operator, correctly loading the pieces on transfer and unloading them once the machining is over, but the cycle time is greatly reduced. The robotisized islands are able to carry out round the clock random quality control checks in automatic.

It is a working station made of a man-like robot, a conveyor belt and an optical system.

The latter takes the geometrical cordinates of the piece to handle, which is randomly lying on the conveyor belt, processes these data and transfers them to the control unit moving the robot in a position to take the piece from the belt and place it correctly into the transfer clamp.

The conveyor belt feeding can be through bin tipper or an elevator system, both of which are supplied by our Firm and shown elsewhere in this Website. However, the most functional system configuration is every time studied to meet the customer specific requirements.

The optical system is made of a camera fixed over the conveyor belt where the piece has to be taken, as well as an electronic data processing card and a card-supporting PC, holding the optical system software.

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