Smart automation solutions

BRC offers customized automation solutions, from industrial robots to complete production lines.
Our Firm has two separate plants for the different products.

The first one is for assembly and testing, and there are also the direction, the technical, commercial and accounting departments, where you find the study and management activities as well as machine designing. The technical department has 3-D CAD workstations, a PDM software for technical informations flow management, and a workstation for EEC certification and handbook writing.

The second one is for fairing constructionlight carpentry and painting; the machine tool range you find there is made of new and updated machines, like two CAM-controlled punching, drilling and cutting machines, for the computerized working definition, as well as two CNC-controlled shears and three hydraulic bending machines. There is also the Test, research and development centre, where we study the prototypes of new product ranges, with industrial robots and optical systems.

These last years, a network of small but very skilled craftsmen came out to work upon B.R.C. orders, they are a productive system having the characteristics of an industrial ring.

All our machines are made in accordance with the safety and prevention EEC rules 89/392, 91/368, 93/44, 93/68, 89/336, 92/31 and have a C.E. mark.