This equipment is a system for protecting the finished pieces that have fallen inside the collection boxes.

It is made of a self-supporting frame with a box that be pulled out on telescopic guides that contains two piece unloading boxes (400X300, h=160 mm).

To prevent the falling parts clashing with those already inside the boxes, there is an apron made of a strong, wear-resistant material placed between the pieces in the box and those that have fallen in.

The axle, rotating “in step” with a speed related to the fall of the pieces, alternately brings an apron between the pieces themselves.

The system pre-supposes that the pieces are not falling continuously but intermittently, and that they can be detected (with a photocell)

The whole unit is closed off with protective grating.

NB: When changing the boxes that are full, it is possible to equip the feed belt or chute with a piece retention system.

It comes complete with an electrical panel with PLC.

The previous information is a general description and can be adapted to the client's specific requirements.

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