This elevator has been designed for pressrooms, using oversize pieces in normal production. In fact, it is one of the first products sold by B.R.C. and then it has been further developed and improved.

The elevator is made of an electric welded and machined structure, made of some parts, which are described here. First of all, a 0,8 m³ hopper for bulk loading of the parts, with a thick rubber coating to reduce noise on piece handling. The hopper is fed through a pneumatic sorter to avoid possible piece jamming, driven by a 180 mm bore pneumatic cylinder.

The group designed to take and elevate the part from the hopper up to a suitable height for loading and to deposit it on the sorting-selecting belt is made instead of a vertical guide on which the slats transporting the pieces are hinged, by three 1" chains. The group is driven by a gearmotor allowing to change the feeding speed by a command on control panel; the gear is also equipped with a friction torque reducer avoiding possible damage due to jamming.

The sorting - selecting belt allows to put the pieces in a perfect position for loading and to select the exceeding or misplaced pieces for rejection, recovering them into the hopper through a rubber coated noise reducing chute.

The final passage is on a piece storing belt, which is equipped of full and empty sensors, commanding the elevator operation.

The sorting - selecting belt and the storing belt are series driven by a single gearmotor, equipped with a suitable torque reducer.

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