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Machine tools loading and unloading portals PDF Print E-mail

These systems are used for loading and unloading of mechanical parts on machine tools like lathes, grinders, gear cutters etc.

The portals are built with stabilized beams supporting the carriage guides for horizontal motion, while the vertical and transversal motion is driven by aluminium beams linked through guides with ball bearing pads.

On vertical axis there are the clamps with different handling options, in accordance to customer requirements: pivoting, fixed, rotary.

The handling options are with two or three axes, in accordance to the application, by brushless motors with their relative drives: the dimensions are input by self-learning by the operator and allow an easy setting of the work path.

The programming is by numerical controls or PLCs interfaced with the axis control cards, to manage the whole working positions, as well as the handling logic and the interface with the other components of the automatic system.

Loading - unloading pallets, storage carrousels, in process and post process control stations are the possible configurations this system can control.