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Loading unloading handling devices on pressing lines PDF Print E-mail

This installation is used for loading and unloading mechanical presses on a hot-pressing line.

The exigency of automating this kind of lines has developed in accordance with the Work Safety Regulation,  facilitating in this way all those operations which, previously, turned out to be so heavy and, in some cases, dangerous for the worker.

The equipment is made up of:

-    A mechanized roller realized with an electric weld steel frame duly arranged on which some rollers endowed with bushes able to stand up hot temperatures have been placed; equipped with limit stop unit with release operated by a pneumatic cylinder with the respective limit stop device for workpiece presence, a gearmotor with torque limiter for the handling; able to receive the parts coming out of the furnace;

-    A cartesian mechanical hand for the loading of the pressroom, with two axes, one in a horizontal and one in a vertical position, brushless motor-equipped and driven by means of intelligent operations controlled by programmable logic. The handling device consists of a frame made of electric weld steel and duly arranged on which there are some roller guides that allow the vertical motion of the carriage supporting a light alloy beam duly measured, on which there are the guides for the horizontal motion.

At one end of the beam there are pliers moved by a hydraulic cylinder; the same pliers make a 90° rotation of the piece by means of the operation of the cylinder above mentioned.

-    A conveyor belt equipped with appropriate motor drive and conveyor chain.

-    An operating electrical cabin with PLC logic for the complete and self-governing management of all the manual or automatic cycle sequences and a control Panel intended also for the installation diagnostic.