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Bin tipping elevator PDF Print E-mail

Particularly suitable for the moving blades elevators and where you need to lift, overturn and unload the material held in different weight and sized bins into a hopper or a different user.

The machine has a tower-like structure and has been designed to have an overall size slightly larger than the bin to handle; it can also be fully soundproofed, the bin can be loaded by a forklift or the hand transpallet, you can also interface it with an A.G.V. loading system, allowing a full integration with any kind of industry.

The elevator is equipped with a gearmotor and can be used as a manual control autonomous unit or coupled to the final users for a fully automatic operation.

The top version of this model includes a piece collecting conveyor and a vibrating runner as an optional to the current structure; this optional allows to have a continuous and well-ordered flow of pieces, to fully meet the customer requirements.