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Pneumatic moving blades elevator PDF Print E-mail

The ever increasing demand for a product meeting the loading requirements with low investments has led us to design this model, which is suitable for small, medium-sized parts, mostly valves and pipe fittings, used on assembly lines or transfer feeding.

The elevator structure is designed to use it slaved to handling groups or as an independent unit, being in both cases fully autonomous. It is made as follows: first of all a 0,3 m³ hopper for bulk loading of the parts, with a wearproof and antinoise polymeric coating; the hopper is fed through a sorter to avoid possible piece jamming.

The group designed to take and elevate the part from the hopper up to a suitable height for loading is made of a vertical structure on which there is a reciprocating multiple blade unit for piece transfer. This group is driven by a pneumatic cylinder.