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Motorized moving blades elevators PDF Print E-mail

This machine allows the user to increase the production thanks to high piece feeding capacity: it is particularly suitable for feeding of induction or gas furnaces for pressrooms using small-medium sized parts in their normal production.

The elevator structure has been designed to allow its use as a furnace-slaved or independent unit, being in both cases fully autonomous. It is made as follows. First of all a 0,5 m³ hopper for bulk loading of the parts, with a wearproof and antinoise polymeric coating; the hopper is fed through a sorter to avoid possible piece jamming.

The group designed to take and elevate the part from the hopper up to a suitable height for loading and to deposit it on the sorting - selecting belt is made instead of a vertical structure on which there are two reciprocating multiple blade units for piece transfer.

This group is driven by a connecting rod and a gearmotor allowing to change the piece feeding speed; the gear is also equipped with a friction torque reducer avoiding possible damage due to jamming.

The sorting - selecting belt allows to put the pieces in a perfect position for loading and to select the exceeding or misplaced pieces for rejection, recovering them into the hopper through a wearproof and antinoise polymer coated chute.

The final passage is on a piece storing belt, which is equipped of full and empty sensors, commanding the elevator operation.

The sorting - selecting belt and the storing belt are series driven by a single gearmotor, equipped with a suitable torque reducer.