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This kind of automation too refers to the field of automatization by man-like robots. Flexibility of use, wide range of different production cycles according to the piece to machine, high efficiency and productive capacity are the main features of this kind of machine.

The man-like robot is able, by its own nature, to perform many operations besides the mere machine tool loading and unloading so, cycle time permitting, other operations are performed like piece handling on different working stations inside the plant.

Another great feature of these machines is the available powerful numerical control, allowing to store into a database many piece codes the user can recall, in order to alternate the production of different pieces without any modification.

This configuration is mostly used for special parts which have to be carefully handled. For this purpose the pieces are hand loaded on the pallets they will be taken from by the robot, then machined and finally put again on pallets ready for unloading: for example grinding machines slaves.

Metal pallets, with or without nylon coating, electric welded structures or aluminium beams, interchangeable loading and unloading pallets make this handling very efficient and versatile. The blanks, once loaded on the pallets, will be drawn only at the end of production cycle, since the working stations act as a piece positioning system as well as containers.

Everything is very user friendly, allowing the operator to store new piece codes or to modify the machining of an existing piece.