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Area riservata
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In this field, the size, shape and weight of the pieces to handle can considerably change, and the work environment is particularly severe.

As a consequence, the toolings used for production must be particularly strong and reliable, as well as very user friendly.

There are two ways to solve this problem: the first one is the traditional mechanical hand, then there is the man-like robot.

The first solution, which is less adaptable, has certain advantages because it's easy to use and program: it is a set of brushless motor or pneumatic cylinder-equipped independent axes (usually two or three), handling the pieces on straight-line, with high precision and at high speed.

The second instead is more versatile, using man-like robots specially programmed for these conditions of work: the handling program includes also further tasks apart from handling due to the flexibility and wide radius of action of the mechanical arm.

Both solutions are supplied with standard programs, however the operator can modify the working mode using the machine self-learning.

The machine is equipped with the required high temperature shields and forced-circulation cooled grips, ensuring a high system reliability in time.

The whole system is then tested in close cooperation with the customer, to improve the work synchronization, the main factor for this kind of production.