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Among the different machine tools loading systems, the adoption of man-like mechanichal hands is becoming a more and more frequent choice, so new software packages including these systems have been prepared to meet market requirements.

This device is a machine tools loader and unloader, using man-like robots and meeting each time the specific tasks required by the application. The shape of piece, additional machinings and manipulation tasks required by the kind of machined piece are easy programmed thanks to the powerful languages the modern CNCs place today at our disposal.
Among the different tried out applications there are the pallet handling, or piece drawing from vibrating conveyors and the unloading in bulk to a bin, pallet or belt. Among manipulations you can find metal polishing, the machining center lubrication and blowdown, and piece positioning on control and measuring devices.
In conclusion these systems are sold ready-to-use, with all their relative accessories, coupling the greatest versatility of use to reduced machining times and very high productive capacity.